The airports and airways in this part of the world are very busy 24 hours a day with all traffic routing to Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East passing through the Nicosia FIR area. The Cyprus airports are very busy especially during the summer holiday season Aircraft shown in Yellow on the charts below are being received by my station, those in Green are being shared by others. Times on the charts are in GMT.

Latest PlanePlotter Image (Refresh 30 Secs)
My Planeplotter receives Mode S (ADS-B) fed from the SBS 1090 PUCK unit with its original antenna
and ACARS (131.725) fed from a RTL-SDR and Colinear antenna.
Second instance of Planeplotter plotting HFDL fed from a Realistic DX-394 with PC-HFDL and a G5RV
antenna,VDL2 fed From a RTL-SDR running through the HDSDR and MultiPSK software and using a VHF Collinear
antenna And finally ACARS (131.825) fed from a Grecom PSR-282 Scanner using a Sirio GP 365-470C antenna.

Legend for the colour of the aircraft recieved

Mode S
Mode S ADS-B

     Arrivals and Departures from Cyprus Airports


 Paphos Spotting Locations

Timi Beach & Forest
To the left off the
airport road

Mandria Beach
Follow signs in the Village

Plane page

Akrotiri Spotting Locations

Ladies Mile Beach

Follow signs to the New Port then for
Ladiesmile Beach.
Then go right to the
End of the beach past all the restaurants.


Larnaca Spotting Locations

MacKenzie Beach
Airview Café &
Airport perimeter

Dog Beach page